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"Your Pledge of Allegiance talk was one of the great highlights of our Chautauqua Years lecture series. Thank you for bringing your thoroughly researched and thought-provoking presentation to the Monterey Peninsula. You managed to tell a rather complicated story with grace and humor, and the audience was absorbed by your enthusiasm for the subject."
Esther Trosow, Archivist, Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History

"Wow! This was even better than advertised!"
John Kissner, President, Berkeley Lions Club

"You are an excellent storyteller!"
Ken Smith, Toastmasters Spring 2002 Conference Coordinator

"Very informative, enjoyable, and [Shelley is] an excellent speaker."
Susan Hutchinson, Principal, Benicia Middle School

"Thank you for this fascinating presentation on the Pledge of Allegiance; this is a fast paced, fact filled, thought and discussion provoking speech. The audience learned important things about the origin and evolution of this American tradition."
Cassandra Cockrill, Director of Accredited Training, CompUSA

"Your program was outstanding! I received numerous comments from our members who thoroughly enjoyed your talk. It's interesting how often we take things for granted and never bother to question why we do the things we do or how certain common practices started in the first place. I personally found your program to be exceptionally interesting and have already repeated it (to the best of my ability) to several friends and family. I offer our thanks for an excellent presentation!"
Maynard Crowther, President, MCE

"Excellent talk!"
Dr. Dan Rixon, President, El Sobrante Rotary

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